Conditions of sale – tickets

  • Only buy your tickets from the recognised web addresses.
  • Campsite or room tickets are sold separately from the festival tickets.
  • Festival tickets do not include accomodation or campsite facilities.
  • Campsite or room tickets give no access to the festival site.
  • Tickets are divided in age groups. Make sure you choose tickets for the right age group.
  • The Organisation reserves the right to verify the identity when entering the festival site.
  • You are invited to print your ticket and exchange it for a wrist band when entering Deep in the Woods.
  • Tickets cannot be refunded or exchanged.
  • The loss or theft of a ticket is the sole liability of the buyer and is not subject to replacement or refund.
  • Tickets may not be used for commercial or promotional purposes without our express permission.
  • Ticket buyers must comply with the Belgian ‘Act regarding the Sale of Entrance Tickets to Events’ (as published in the Belgian Law Gazette on 30 July 2013).
  • Changes to the programme are no reason for a full or partial refund of the ticket. The organisation accepts no responsibility in the case of events beyond our control.
  • As this is an open air event, we point out specific risks and force majeure for which we decline all responsibility.
  • Anyone copying the festival ticket will be prosecuted by law.

Festival site terms

  • It is forbidden to bring to the grounds professional photography, film or recording equipment, drinks, food, glass, plastic bottles, cans, drugs, fireworks, weapons, sharp objects or other objects which the organisation considers dangerous. When found these objects will be confiscated by security staff. The organisation may alter or extend this list at any time. Dogs and other pets are not allowed.
  • Starting fires is strictly prohibited.
  • Entering the festival site implies your agreement with all preventive and monitoring measures taken by the organiser or safety team including potential frisking and bag searches. Failing to comply with these measures will lead to refusal or withdrawal of the right of access.
  • The organisation, our partners as well as our volunteer workers cannot be held liable for damages, loss or theft or any accident that may occur.
  • The official sale of t-shirts and souvenirs takes place exclusively on the festival site.
  • In addition, carrying out any commercial or promotional activities on the festival site without the prior permission of the organiser is strictly prohibited.
  • TV recordings are made during the festival. It is possible that you will appear on film. By entering the festival grounds you agree to waive your portrait rights.

Camp site terms

  • It is strictly forbidden to light fires. Flammable liquids and fireworks are not allowed.
  • The camp site is located on the festival grounds where it is not allowed to bring along your own drinks or food. Consequently, gas fires, barbecues and the like are not allowed on the camping site. You will find sufficient catering facilities on the festival site.
  • There is a new sanitary corner for campers (showers, fixed toilets and urinals) in the campsite. Please respect your fellow campers and keep everything clean. Please report any problems.
  • Glass is strictly prohibited.
  • Weapons and/or drugs are not allowed.
  • Dogs and other pets are not allowed.
  • Mobilhomes, campers, caravans or other camping vehicles are not allowed on the campsite. The campsite is laid out on a grassy field. Only tents are allowed. Party tents are not allowed.
  • No motorised vehicles are permitted on the site! Just like for the other visitors of the festival, there is a parking lot outside the terrain. A shuttle will bring your camping equipment to the site, you go on foot (or with your own bike) and this way the weekend will start in the most pleasant way for you.
  • Wild campers on or around the festival ground will not be tolerated and will be removed immediately.
  • There are no reserved spaces on the campsite. Our people will make sure that the campsite is filled up properly.
  • Any camper breaking any of these rules will be irrevocably removed from the site. The camping and festival ticket will not be refunded.

Practical information


Deep In The Woods 2023 is coming up. Here is some practical information. If you still have questions, please contact us via

Where ?

Deep In The Woods takes place at the Massembre holiday centre located at Rue de Mesnil 84 in 5543 Heer (google map).

Public transportation

Take the train to Dinant. There take the bus line 154A that brings you to the village Heer. Get off at the Faubourg stop. From there it is a 2km walk to Massembre. Check the websites of the NMBS and the Walloon transport company TEC for times.

By car

Massembre is an hour and a half’s drive south of Brussels. Think of the environment and try to carpool as much as possible. There are road works in Heer, try to drive via the following route:

Route description

E411 Brussels > Luxembourg > exit 20 Achêne, direction Philippeville > exit Onhaye, direction Givet > at Heer-Agimont take the suspension bridge over the Meuse in the direction of Heer > follow the signs ‘Massembre


Costs 6€ for the whole weekend. To be paid in cash when entering the parking. Make sure you have the correct money. The parking and the festival site are open from Friday 8 September 16h00 to Sunday 10 September 16h00.

Check-in / Check-out

The festival site opens on Friday 8 September at 16h00. After you have parked your car, your luggage will be transported to the reception of either the rooms or the campsite if you wish. Our advice: travel light! You yourself will walk to the respective reception desk; a short but invigorating walk of 2 kilometres. Check-in for the festival takes place at the beginning of the car park, before you have parked your car. Keep your ticket printout with barcode at hand.


  • If you have a comfort room, you will receive a key at the reception desk. Please leave the comfort rooms at the latest on Sunday ?? September at 11h00. Please hand in the key of the room at the Massembre reception before leaving.
  • Budget rooms are shared with several people and therefore no keys are available. Please leave the budget rooms at the latest on Sunday ?? September at 11h00.
  • You can leave your luggage safely in the party room (for people in the rooms) on Sunday from 11.00 a.m. so that you can enjoy the end of the festival without any worries.
  • It is not necessary to bring bed linen; bed covers, blankets and pillowcases are provided.

Camping and Rent-a-tent

  • We will pick up your camping equipment at the parking lot and bring it to the camping field. You follow on foot and report to the person in charge, pick up your equipment and put up your tent. This year there are 2 pitches. One is a bit quieter and is recommended for visitors with children. Please read carefully the camping regulations below.
  • RENT-A-TENT Comfort and Budget: Please leave these tents at the latest by Sunday, 10 September 11h00.
  • You can safely leave your luggage at the camping site on the basket court (people from the camping and RENT-A-TENT) from 11:00 onwards, so that you can enjoy the end of the festival without any worries.
  • Campers should bring their own camping equipment. People who have booked a RENT-A-TENT please note that:
  • RENT-A-TENT Comfort: A camp bed is provided in the tent, linen, pillow and similar can be provided, but a deposit is required.
  • RENT-A-TENT Budget: Only the tent is provided with the services as mentioned on the website. You have to bring everything yourself, except the tent of course.

If you have any questions about your accommodation during your stay, please contact the Massembre reception or e-mail or

The reception of Massembre is open on Friday from 16h00 to 23h00, Saturday from 9am to 6pm and Sunday from 9am to 4pm.

Money and Tokens

Sale of drinks and snack tokens at the farm (cash & bankcontact) and after 23h00 at the pond bar (cash & bank card). Tokens are not refundable. 1 token is EUR 2. The tokens can be broken in half. For drink cups, bottles, glasses etc. a deposit of 1 extra token per piece is required. Please note: you pay for breakfast with tokens in the self-service area of the restaurant and at the campsite.


We repeat that it is forbidden to bring your own drinks or food on the festival site. You will find everything you need on site.

Saturday and Sunday morning breakfast for 2,5 tokens (instead of 8,20€) per person courtesy of the Christian Mutualiteit between 8.00 and 11.00. Breakfast in the restaurant and on the campsite can only be paid for with tokens. Extensive range of food and beverage stands at the farm, all payable by tokens.

Merchandising Deep in the Woods

Beautiful Deep in the Woods T-shirts as well as drinking bottles are for sale at the information stand at the farm.

Babysit service

On Friday and Saturday evenings there is a babysitting service from 9pm to 1am, only in the buildings (not on the campsite). You will find the person in charge at the entrance to your building during the aforementioned hours.

Ear Protection

The Christelijke Mutualiteit offers earplugs to adults free of charge. For the children CM provides ear protectors in exchange for your identity card or SIS card as guarantee. To be collected at the reception of Massembre.


  • It is strictly forbidden to light fires in the forest or on the Massembre property under penalty of prosecution. In some places the organisation will provide a fire basket/bowl.
  • Bring your torch. In September the days are shortening and night falls fast at Deep In The Woods.
  • Please use the toilets in the building where you are staying. There are only a limited number of toilets at the stages.
  • Keep the grounds tidy: please put all waste in the bin.
  • Dogs and other pets are not allowed.
  • Do not leave money or valuables unattended in your room or tent.
  • Roaming charges may have been abolished, but bear in mind that you will quickly be switched to a French operator if you do not adjust the settings manually.
  • Transport of luggage on Sundays from the reception to the parking lot from 11:00 am.
  • First aid post at the farm: not permanently manned. You can reach our nurses via the emergency number: 0494 12 18 39
  • The night watchman is only available in emergencies on 082/64 43 57 from 6pm.