Instruments Make Play

Instruments Make Play is een initiatief van de samenwerkende organisaties Klangendum in Rotterdam, Kulter in Amsterdam en De Perifeer in Deventer, en is volledige gericht op bouwers en bespelers van zelf uitgevonden muziekinstrumenten Speciaal voor Deep In The Woods stelden De Perifeer i.s.m. Hidde van Schie een Instruments Make Play programma samen met Gijs Gieskes, Marloes van Son en Radboud Mens.

Instruments Make Play est une initiative des organisations collaboratrices Klangendum à Rotterdam, Kulter à Amsterdam et De Perifeer à Deventer, et est entièrement axée sur les constructeurs et les joueurs d'instruments de musique auto-inventés. Spécialement pour Deep In The Woods, De Perifeer, en collaboration avec Hidde van Schie, a mis sur pied un programme Instruments Make Play avec Gijs Gieskes, Marloes van Son et Radboud Mens.

Instruments Make Play is an initiative of the collaborating organisations Klangendum in Rotterdam, Kulter in Amsterdam and De Perifeer in Deventer, and is entirely focused on builders and players of self-invented musical instruments. Especially for Deep In The Woods, De Perifeer in collaboration with Hidde van Schie put together an Instruments Make Play programme with Gijs Gieskes, Marloes van Son and Radboud Mens.

Gijs Gieskes (performance Saturday 10 September 12.15 – 13 at l’Etang)

Gijs Gieskes makes instruments by experimenting with electronics; a lot of playing and a lot of trying. This is how he keeps on making and discovering new things. At Deep in the Woods you will find, among other things, his new solar songs; small music boxes, all working on solar energy. Take one along for a walk and discover how the songs keep changing under the influence of sunlight. Gijs will also perform with instruments that he soldered together on the spot (during the concert!), but which will never be finished.

Marloes Van Son (performance Saturday 10 September 14.15 – 15 at l’Etang)

Marloes van Son creates atmospheric soundscapes with poppy melodies, vocals and occasionally raw beats. She uses a combination of self-built digital synthesizers, loopers and samplers during live performances. A fascination for interactions between humans and technology is the starting point for many of her instruments and compositions.

Radboud Mens (installation Saturday 10 September behind the sauna)

Radboud Mens is a sound artist who started making noisemachines in 1988. As Staalplaat Soundsystem he builds sound installations with various techniques together with Geert-Jan Hobijn. In 2014 they won the Witteveen+Bos Kunst+Technologie Prijs with it. At Deep in the Woods you can find an installation by Radboud, in which he makes several guitars resonate with a composition of sine waves through transducers.

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